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  • 274   While taxiing for takeoff, a small fire burned the insulation from a t... Answer
  • 203   If all index units are positive when computing weight and balance, the... Answer
  • 180   Which is true concerning required maintenance inspections?... Answer
  • 163   While taxiing on the parking ramp, the landing gear, wheel, and tire a... Answer
  • 162   What effect does an uphill runway slope have on takeoff performance?... Answer
  • 152   A pilot convicted of a motor vehicle offense involving alcohol or drug... Answer
  • 139   Baggage weighing 90 pounds is placed in a normal category airplane's b... Answer
  • 134   Regulations which refer to "operate" relate to that person who ______.... Answer
  • 133   Does a commercial pilot certificate have a specific expiration date?... Answer
  • 129   Unless adjusted, the fuel/air mixture becomes richer with an increase ... Answer
  • 126   Which statement best describes the operating principle of a constant-s... Answer
  • 125   Lift on a wing is most properly defined as the ______.... Answer
  • 121   14 CFR part 1 defines VNO as ______.... Answer
  • 115   After an annual inspection has been completed and the aircraft has bee... Answer
  • 115   One of the main functions of flaps during the approach and landing is ... Answer
  • 113   Airplane wing loading during a level coordinated turn in smooth air de... Answer
  • 113   Fuel/air ratio is the ratio between the ______.... Answer
  • 109   An airplane is overtaking a helicopter. Which aircraft has the right-o... Answer
  • 107   The pilot controls the air/fuel ratio with the ______.... Answer
  • 106   While holding the angle of bank constant in a level turn, if the rate ... Answer
  • 103   14 CFR part 1 defines VF as ______.... Answer
  • 101   During flight a fire, which was extinguished, burned the insulation fr... Answer
  • 93   If an airplane category is listed as utility, it would mean that this ... Answer
  • 92   Applying carburetor heat will ______.... Answer
  • 90   If an aircraft's operation in flight was substantially affected by an ... Answer
  • 90   The surface wind is 180° at 25 knots. What is the crosswind component... Answer
  • 86   To develop maximum power and thrust, a constant-speed propeller should... Answer
  • 84   An airplane descends to an airport under the following conditions:
  • 83   Maximum structural cruising speed is the maximum speed at which an air... Answer
  • 83   A way to detect a broken magneto primary grounding lead is to ______.... Answer
  • 83   The mixture control can be adjusted, which ______.... Answer
  • 82   At some airports located in Class D airspace where ground visibility i... Answer
  • 82   VFR cruising altitudes are required to be maintained when flying _____... Answer
  • 81   No person may operate a large civil aircraft of U.S. registry which is... Answer
  • 80   Why should flight speeds above VNE be avoided?... Answer
  • 78   While maintaining a constant angle of bank and altitude in a coordinat... Answer
  • 78   What is the headwind component for a Rwy 13 takeoff if the surface win... Answer
  • 77   A person with a commercial pilot certificate may act as pilot in comma... Answer
  • 77   Assuring compliance with an Airworthiness Directive is the responsibil... Answer
  • 77   Which is true regarding the use of flaps during level turns?... Answer
  • 75   Regulations which refer to the "operational control" of a flight are i... Answer
  • 75   Before beginning any flight under IFR, the pilot in command must becom... Answer
  • 74   Which is true regarding flight operations in Class A airspace?... Answer
  • 74   During a night operation, the pilot of aircraft A sees only the green ... Answer
  • 73   A pilot convicted of operating an aircraft as a crew member under the ... Answer
  • 73   The maximum cumulative time that an emergency locator transmitter may ... Answer
  • 73   Which is required to operate an aircraft towing an advertising banner?... Answer
  • 73   An airplane descends to an airport under the following conditions:
  • 73  
    Weight:  4,000 lb
    Pressur... Answer
  • 71   When weather information indicates that abnormally high barometric pre... Answer
  • 70   On an instrument approach where a DH or MDA is applicable, the pilot m... Answer
  • 70   The operator of an aircraft that has been involved in an incident is r... Answer
  • 69   When should notification of an aircraft accident be made to the NTSB i... Answer
  • 68   An aircraft is loaded with a ramp weight of 3,650 pounds and having a ... Answer
  • 68   True airspeed is best described as calibrated airspeed corrected for _... Answer
  • 68   An airplane descends to an airport under the following conditions:
  • 67   If the airspeed is increased from 90 knots to 135 knots during a level... Answer
  • 66   Regulations which refer to "commercial operators" relate to that perso... Answer
  • 66   Which statement is true about magnetic deviation of a compass?... Answer
  • 65   What is the minimum altitude and flight visibility required for acroba... Answer
  • 64   To act as pilot in command of a tailwheel airplane, without prior expe... Answer
  • 64   Detonation may occur at high-power settings when ______.... Answer
  • 64   To establish a climb after takeoff in an aircraft equipped with a cons... Answer
  • 64   Rwy 30 is being used for landing. Which surface wind would exceed the ... Answer
  • 63  
    Temperature:  70 °F
    Pres... Answer
  • 62   If an aircraft with a gross weight of 2,000 pounds was subjected to a ... Answer
  • 62   The need to slow an aircraft below VA is brought about by the followin... Answer
  • 62   Pressure al... Answer
  • 61   Which of the following are considered aircraft class ratings?... Answer
  • 61   The most probable reason an engine continues to run after the ignition... Answer
  • 60   Excluding Hawaii, the vertical limits of the Federal Low Altitude airw... Answer
  • 60   If the tower-reported surface wind is 010° at 18 knots, what is the c... Answer
  • 59   Required flight crew members' safety belts must be fastened ______.... Answer
  • 59   A pilot is entering an area where significant clear air turbulence has... Answer
  • 59   Before shutdown, while at idle, the ignition key is momentarily turned... Answer
  • 59  
  • Weight:  3,700 lb
    Temperature:  30 °F
    Pres... Answer
  • 58   Weight A = 140 pounds at 17 inches aft of datum
    Weight B = 120 po...
  • 57   Load factor is the lift generated by the wings of an aircraft at any g... Answer
  • 56   Which data must be recorded in the aircraft logbook or other record by... Answer
  • 55   If a pilot does not meet the recency of experience requirements for ni... Answer
  • 55   NTSB Part 830 requires an immediate notification as a result of which ... Answer
  • 54   What flight time must be documented and recorded by a pilot exercising... Answer
  • 54   When is preflight action required, relative to alternatives available,... Answer
  • 54   How many days after an accident is a report required to be filed with ... Answer
  • 54   Detonation can be caused by ______.... Answer
  • 54  
    Temperature:  75 °F
    Pres... Answer
  • 54  
    Temperature:  85 °F
    Pres... Answer
  • 53   A pilot convicted for the violation of any Federal or State statute re... Answer
  • 53   The required preflight action relative to weather reports and fuel req... Answer
  • 53   A new maintenance record being used for an aircraft engine rebuilt by ... Answer
  • 53   If the ground wire between the magneto and the ignition switch becomes... Answer
  • 53   In aircraft equipped with constant-speed propellers and normally-aspir... Answer
  • 52   While in flight a helicopter and an airplane are converging at a 90° ... Answer
  • 52   If not equipped with required position lights, an aircraft must termin... Answer
  • 52   An airplane is loaded to a gross weight of 4,800 pounds, with three pi... Answer
  • 52   If severe turbulence is encountered during flight, the pilot should re... Answer
  • 52   The basic purpose of adjusting the fuel/air mixture control at altitud... Answer
  • 52   ... Answer
  • 51   Unless otherwise authorized, the pilot in command is required to hold ... Answer
  • 50   A person with a Commercial Pilot certificate may act as pilot in comma... Answer
  • Pressure altitude:  6,000 ft