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The sweat drips down Terry Bartley’s forehead, his cheeks, his neck.

The North Carolina man sits in his car with the windows rolled up. The temperature outside reaches the upper 80s.

The video, uploaded to YouTube June 20, serves as Bartley’s message: a “Hot Car Challenge” to parents around the world, motivated by the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris days earlier.

“I want to know how it feels to be left in the car, sitting in the back seat, strapped into a car seat with the windows up and doors probably locked,” Bartley says in the video clip.

Cooper was left in a SUV for nine hours on a 90-degree day. His father, Justin Ross Harris, is now charged with felony murder and cruelty to a child in the second degree. He has pleaded not guilty, saying he left Cooper in the car accidentally.

That tragedy motivated Bartley to sit inside his car and start recording, even though, by his own admission in the video, he could “barely breathe.”

Bartley told ABC News Sunday that the “first ten minutes when I was in the car was just trying to get a glimpse of what it felt like for a child to sit in a car.”

“I was losing air, it was like I was sitting in a microwave cooking,” he said.”I could have easily took my shirt and wiped my face and wringed it out.”

He said he simply wanted to “raise awareness for parents to stop leaving their kids in the car unattended.”

At least 17 children have died of heat stroke in hot cars this year alone, according to the website Bartley is hoping his challenge will raise awareness to help prevent any more deaths.

Bartley’s video has been viewed more than 1.1 million times, inspiring others to take the challenge and create their own videos, some of which feature children and dogs.

“I was shocked,” he told ABC News. “I made a video and I didn’t expect that it would get this kind of attention it did. It kind of blew up out of nowhere.”

In honor of the new film Transformers: Age of Extinction, we have launched a new quiz~! There are over 100+ questions from the movie, series, and Transformers lore. Plenty of interesting car and robot trivia for any fan of Transformers!

Test yourself at the : Transformers: Age of Extinction Quiz

We’ve recently added new landing pages for the driving tests of each country. Each of these new landing pages will immediately link to the general driving tests for that country.

United Kingdom :
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India :

We also have a special landing page for Commercial Driving License questions and answers for the US.

Use these to go directly to the test/quiz questions of your choice!

We just launched a new test for India! We will have 200+ questions on Indian driving laws, road signs, and other rules of the road. The test uses real pictures and signs from India and questions should apply for any R.T.O. in the country.

Check out the Indian Driving Theory Test

Or you can go directly to

Recently we posted an article and video about Nissan’s self driving car which they are testing in Silcon Valley, America. Volvo in Sweden are also doing the same in Gothenburg. They want to bring self driving cars to the roads by 2017. One advantage Volvo may have in Sweden is that they have a good relationship with the road authorities, which will help them when it comes to testing and releasing these cars.

The majority of driving accidents are caused by human error, so hopefully cars like these in the future will reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

It seems like every car manufacturer around the world is rushing to be the first to produce the first self driving car or cars available to the mass public. The race is on.

Following on from yesterdays post about reasons you could have your driving license suspended, here’s a video from a guy who had exactly that happen to him.

Take a look, and hopefully from listening to his experiences the same thing won’t happen to you. Happy driving everyone, and hopefully you won’t get your license suspended in the future.

For a lot of people losing their drivers license would be catastrophic. Not been able to drive for an extended period of time could effect your job, your family, and the cost of driving when you get your license back. Its therefore important to know the things your driving license can get suspended for, and the most common reasons why people get there driver’s license suspended.

1. Points accumulation: Speeding tickets, parking tickets, minor an major driving offences. Always make sure you check how may points you have, if you are near the limit be extra careful. Of course you can avoid this, by making sure you don’t pick up any points at all. This will also keep the cost of your insurance down too.

2. Major driving offences: Including DUI/Drink driving, felonies/crimes involving motor vehicles, leaving the scene of an accident, fleeing the police. It’s probably obvious you shouldn’t be doing any of these. One to pay attention to is DUI/drink driving. The alcohol limit can vary from person to person, depending on a number of things. How much you have eaten, the strength of the drink, the amount of time since your last drink. With the severity of the driving suspension for DUI/drink driving you shouldn’t gamble on your alcohol limit.

3. Driving record inaccuracies: Make sure you keep a record of all your driving points or convictions, sometimes mistakes in the system could lead to your license being suspended. If you are aware of your record, and keep checking it, you can beat this suspension. Something to keep an eye on.

4. Driving without insurance: Make you know when your insurance payments are due, so you don’t encounter this problem. Some areas also require you carry proof of insurance so make sure you check the law and know what is required in your area.

5. Forgetting to pay fines: If you ever need to pay fines or have court appointments, make sure you deal with them. Forgetting to do this could lead to your license being suspended, and simply forgetting to get fines sorted would be a embarrassing way to lose your license.

Although most of these things are common sense, it worth keeping them in your mind, so even on one of those days were your not at your best, you won’t encounter any of these reasons to get your license suspended.

Happy and safe driving everyone!

Are you new to driving? Here’s a short video for the best driving practises. Its really useful if your new to driving and want to know what you need to do before you start your driving lessons. Anything in life can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you are expecting. So watch this video, and start your driving lessons with confidence.

Are you an F1 fan? Are you american? Do you think there will be any American drivers in the future? In this video Peter Windsor discusses whether there will be, and which young American drivers might be driving in F1 in the future.

With the cost of driving increasing its worth while to know how much you are spending each year, so you don’t overspend. For many owners this may come as quite a shock, as it can be quite high. Working out the cost of driving it can help you budget better when buying a car. Here’s a nice video to help you work out your cost of driving and it also gives you a few tips to help keep those costs down.